Biome Consulting Group is a cadre of highly-skilled and deeply-experienced ecological consultants who express decades of expertise in a wide variety of applied ecology and environmental regulatory compliance consulting services. We are environmental scientists eager to deploy our unique expertise to move your development from concept to completion.

Before You Buy

If you are contemplating the purchase of real-estate, there are numerous environmental regulatory considerations that could affect the value of the property or the ability to bring your development plans to fruition. A buyer informed by Biome Consulting Group’s due-diligence evaluations is well equipped to make value determinations and intelligent development plans. Read More »

Before You Build

If pre-purchase evaluations are completed and development planning is underway, there are a variety of regulatory authorizations that may be required. Biome Consulting Group interfaces with architects, engineers and other design professionals to conform site plans to regulatory requirements. Our significant expertise and experience in environmental permitting has proved invaluable to literally thousands of development projects. Read More »

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