Biome Consulting Group is an ecological consulting firm located in the Central Gulf Coast region of the U.S. Biome deploys its decades of industry-leading experience in the conduct of a wide variety of applied ecological studies and environmental regulatory-compliance related consulting services throughout the Southeastern US and Caribbean.

The company in its present form is a 2014 merger between Edmisten & Associates, Ecological Consultants and Bosso-Imhof, Environmental Sciences. Through its legacy firms, Biome represents a powerful cadre of environmental professionals with experience dating to the advent of the industry.

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The Principals
  • Chris Bosso
  • Patrick Imhof
  • Sean O'Toole
  • Glen Miley
  • Rayne Mattson

University of West Florida - Master of Science in Biology/Coastal Zone Studies
University of West Florida - Bachelor of Science, Environmental Resource Management and Planning

Professional Training:
Wetlands Creation, Restoration and Enhancement - Natural Resources Training and Certification, Inc.
NPDES Certified Inspector #3285

Mr. Bosso has professional environmental resource management and regulation experience dating back to 1987, including over 8 years with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the South District and Northwest District Offices. While employed with the Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. Bosso was an Environmental Specialist in the dredge and fill/wetland regulation compliance and enforcement section for 7 years in Pensacola. As an Environmental Specialist, he was responsible for reviewing and processing permits, assessing impacts to wetland ecosystems, providing recommendations for project modifications to meet State permitting criteria, completing compliance site inspections, and preparing follow-up corrective actions. Mr. Bosso was also lead compliance and enforcement inspector for the Surface Water Management Section while at the Northwest District Office. During Mr. Bosso’s employment within the South District Office he was responsible for reviewing and processing permit applications, and conducting wetland jurisdictional determinations.

Since 1995, Mr. Bosso has been employed in the private sector and has concentrated on providing permitting assistance associated with the state and federal regulatory programs, and in the design, implementation and construction of wetland creation, enhancement and management projects. Mr. Bosso has a demonstrated ability to resolve complex environmental and wetland related issues, and has extensive experience throughout Florida and the southeast.

University of West Florida - B.S. Environmental Resource Management and Planning

Professional Training:
State of Florida Certified Prescribed Burn Manager 2008-3888
Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent GTA-11-00011
Air and Waste Management Association, Member
NW Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, Member
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Earth Team Volunteer

Mr. Imhof has professional environmental resource management experience in the private sector dating back to 1988. During this time he has become highly respected among the engineering community and regulatory agencies and is acknowledged for his environmental expertise. He has made complex jurisdictional determinations across thousands of acres of wetlands and is well respected by many regulatory districts and field offices within southeastern U.S. Mr. Imhof has extensive experience with native flora and fauna within the Gulf Coastal Plain. He is an expert at evaluating altered sites that contain drained soils and hydrologic disturbances. Over the years Mr. Imhof has supervised the creation, restoration and management of diverse wetland ecosystems, including storm water management systems, mitigation projects, and threatened and endangered species habitats. Mr. Imhof has performed habitat and listed species surveys across the south as well as the trapping and relocation of endangered and threatened state and federal animal species.

Pensacola State College

Professional Training:
Certified Pesticide applicator for Natural areas and Aquatic sites #CM22506
Qualified Stormwater NPDES Inspector #3998

Mr. O’Toole has experience dating to 1992 in soil sciences, wetland permitting, stormwater, sovereign submerged lands, endangered species, invasive species studies and eradication, burn management, stream and wetland restoration, mitigation, and regulatory agency coordination. In addition to wetland regulatory duties, Mr. O’Toole also provides land use planning consulting for best and highest property uses, wetland creation planning and execution, monitoring of wetlands, and advises clients on regulatory compliance issues. Mr. O’Toole’s duties include performing ecological studies such as wetland delineation, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), wetland permitting, stream restoration, residential and commercial planning, invasive eradication, and client support.

University of South Alabama - Master of Science
University of Alabama - Bachelor of Science, Biology
Professional Training:
Society of Wetland Scientists - Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS #0001240)
ASTM Technical Training: Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate- Phase I & II
Society for Ecological Restoration
Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists

Mr. Miley has applied ecology experience dating to 1990 as a founding principal and managing partner of Biome Consulting Group and its predecessor companies. Both positions include pioneering work in environmental regulatory compliance consulting including: implementing the first mitigation bank in Northwest Florida; first successful intra-dunal swale restoration on Santa Rosa Island; first Section 10 and Section 7 permits for the Perdido Key Beach Mouse; along with hundreds of individual permits and thousands of site surveys. Mr. Miley’s position with the firm requires the highest level of responsibility and client accountability in the performance of ecological and environmental regulatory compliance consulting services.

University of West Florida – Master of Science, Environmental Biology University of Florida – Bachelor of Science, Natural Resource Conservation
Professional Training:
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Registered Agent #RAG-11-00017 FDEP Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector (NPDES) # 24807 Environmental Assessment ASTM certification Florida Association of Environmental Professionals Longleaf Wilderness First Aid and Medicine Training

Rayne Mattson’s ecological and environmental experience dates back to 2000. She received early training as a field biologist in plant identification, natural resource conservation, fire ecology, and wildlife management. She spent her early career as an environmental educator and specialized in wetland techniques training. Since 2006, Rayne has been working as an ecological consultant, which allows her to wear many hats. She is currently employed as a project manager with Biome Consulting Group and is the primary supervisor for 40-50 projects. Her time is spent overseeing wetland permitting projects of all types – from small single family lots to large-scale commercial developments to mitigation compliance. Rayne is best at coordinating with the agencies and the applicant to insure a fluid, and efficient, permitting experience. Although Rayne’s daily activities include permit management, she is an accomplished field biologist and is passionate about wetland restoration and community ecology.

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