Private Development

Biome Consulting Group has assisted literally thousands of private land owners in all manner of pre-purchase due diligence and environmental regulatory compliance consulting. Our vast experience in thousands of private development projects from single-family residential through all scales of commercial and residential development.

Mitigation Banks

In our home region, Biome Consulting Group has pioneered the Mitigation Banking Industry. The first mitigation bank in Northwest Florida was conceived, permitted, and implemented by Biome in the 1990’s. We have been fortunate to have some involvement in all subsequent banks located within the Northwest Florida Water Management District. Our ongoing efforts in this industry will supply much needed mitigation options for projects in the Florida Panhandle in watersheds that are presently underserved by Mitigation Banks.


Our clients include agencies and departments at every level of government including:

  • Foreign governments in Caribbean countries
  • Military bases and national parks at the federal level
  • States and intra-state agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Utilities


Biome is proud to have contributed to the development of significant industrial facilities in our region. Our industrial clientele includes multi-national corporations like Shell and to regional utilities like The Southern Company, to significant local corporations.


Biome projects have included educational facilities for Universities, State and Community Colleges, and numerous boards of education.

State and Federal Parks

While facilitating sensible development is our bread and butter, we have also enjoyed involvement with applied ecological studies contributing to various projects on public lands including national parks, national wildlife refuges, state parks, preservation areas and other public parks.

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